• Day 7- our last official day of the trip. On our last day we visited Alto de la Ballena, a Winery Mrs. Paula Pivel and Mr. Alvaro Lorenzo. Mrs. Paula talked to us about how her and her husband started the winery. She also talked about her transition from living in the city of Montivideo […]

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  • For our first full day in Uruguay, Bruno took us around Montevideo to see the local history and culture. Our first stop was Fortaleza del Cerro, an old fort built in the 1800s. The fort sits on the highest point in Montevideo, giving it the strategic advantage. The fort stands as a museum and still […]

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  • Just a week ago, I was reflecting on how I was not even 1/4 of the way through my exchange program to Zurich, but it is unfortunate that given the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak, my program has been suspended. I’m headed home. This past week has been quite the whirlwind. My boyfriend was […]

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  • I’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland for a whole month now, and honestly it’s just as surreal as when I first arrived. Before this experience, I had never traveled outside of the US, and for this to be my first time overseas– living in the heart of downtown in the prettiest city I’ve ever seen for […]

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  • There is no better way to describe the nation of Uruguay rather than to say that it is a small country with a big heart. Each and every stop, shop, and farm we visited opened their doors, homes and hearts with welcoming arms. Even when there was an apparent language barrier, smiles were on everyone’s […]

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  • On the last leg of our journey through Uruguay, we departed Treinta y Tres for Punta del Este, a coastal city. On the way there, we took a tour through the Saman Rice Mill. The mill receives the rice after it has been harvested from the field, and begins the process of turning it into […]

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  • While preparing to study abroad for a full academic year, I was pretty confident that about 10 months would be the perfect amount of time to spend in Spain. I imagined that once the school year was over I would be ready to come back home to work a summer job or internship before starting […]

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  • About a month into the school year here at UGA, I still find myself adjusting back to my life in the states. It has been an exciting return that has kept me very busy, until recently when I took some time to myself to reflect on my experiences. I realized a few key things: My […]

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  • Sitting in a cool, stone walled room in a restaurant in Florence with meat curing on the ceiling and waiters bring course after course of Italian delicacies that few of us have seen before, Dr. Smalley, the Grand Tour leader, told us two words that resonated with me the entire study abroad and my time […]

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  • As I reflect on my trip, I am thankful for such every lasting experience. From learning to make chocolate, to trying new things, learning the culture, and seeing the beauty of this country it was truly amazing! I will never forget such a experience! Thanks you CAES for making this trip possible!

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