• My study abroad experience was as an Exchange student at a university where I lived in a large flat with lots of other international students. These people very quickly exposed me to dozens of other cultures and practices. They showed me how they make dishes from their home countries and I learned all about places […]

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  • During my exchange there were many times that I would make plans ahead of time with friends and go on hikes or go skiing for the weekend (which were great trips, don’t get me wrong), but I can honestly say that some of my favorite memories from the entire semester are from times that I […]

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  • When first arriving to my exchange in Zurich, Switzerland everything was new, and I didn’t know anyone, nor did I have any real knowledge of the city and culture I had just stepped into. My first full day after arriving I remember going grocery shopping and feeling incredibly overwhelmed. Many of the products weren’t very […]

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  • Both luckily and unluckily a majority of Swiss citizens speak English. In this way I never felt as though there was a struggle due to language barriers, for which I am incredibly thankful. However I fell in love with the country and wanted very badly to learn the language of this beautiful country. I would […]

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  • The Matterhorn is a very well known landmark associated with Switzerland and for good reason. While my entire exchange was filled with beautiful places and memorable experiences, Zermatt was easily my favorite memory and favorite place. Before being able to hike, I had to take a train from Zurich to Zermatt. While on the train, […]

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  • Well, when people told me it was easy to travel around Europe once you’re there, I had no idea how easy it actually would be! Just a couple of weeks into my exchange, a few of my friends said that they were thinking of taking a weekend trip to Berlin, so I decided to join […]

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  • I have to admit, I’m a little sad writing this post. This was the last trip I was able to take during my exchange, and it was the last time I will see many of these friends for a very long time. But first, I’ll tell you how wonderful the trip itself actually was! Since […]

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  • Wow, talk about ups and downs! I wanted to take some time to reflect upon the first few weeks of my exchange program in Zürich, Switzerland, because so much has happened already! After my first day of arrival and subsequent jet lag (yes, it is very real) I had dinner with the other UGA students […]

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  • I’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland for a whole month now, and honestly it’s just as surreal as when I first arrived. Before this experience, I had never traveled outside of the US, and for this to be my first time overseas– living in the heart of downtown in the prettiest city I’ve ever seen for […]

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  • Academics here in Germany are very different than they are at UGA. It is interesting to see how other countries organize their academic system. For example, in Germany the entire semester is lectures. No exams, no papers, no projects or anything. This is true up until the end of the semester. Our grade depends on […]

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