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Step in Your Teachers’ Shoes

I have never thought about the struggles teachers go through on a daily basis or how much work they truly put into teaching.  As a child, teachers seem to come in, teach you, go home, and from there. We assume they enjoy their evenings and vacations. However, after this study…
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London! We left Atlanta around 6:45 PM and landed in London around 7 AM. The flight was really long, and I only managed to get about two hours of sleep the entire flight.  Food on a plane is a bit strange, but surprisingly not that bad. Once we got to…
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Goodbye America!

  Goodbye America… Those are the two words I never thought I would say less than 365 days ago. It seems like just yesterday I was a classic case of the student who really wanted to study abroad, but did not think they had the means to do so. But…
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