• If I had pick my major two passions in life, it would have to be agriculture and the education of others- which is why I chose to be an agricultural education major. Education and agriculture are the two words that drew me to this particular study abroad program. So you could only imagine my excitement […]

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  • After 3 days of teaching and being in a primary (elementary) school in Scotland, I can definitely say that I grew my skills in way more than just teaching. This experience helped me to gain so many skills that I never expected to gain. Tolerance- If this trip taught me anything, it certainly taught me […]

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  • As I stepped off the plane into a completely foreign airport, I couldn’t help but look around at all the signs that said “Welcome to London!” It seemed as if I had just stepped into a dream. It seemed like just moments ago I had stepped onto a plane in Atlanta, eaten dinner, and fallen […]

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  • Spending the Afternoon at the Paraiso ranch was the highlight of my trip. We arrived at the 10,000-acre cattle ranch on Wednesday afternoon. We started the tour by listening to Mr. Jose tell about his operation and talk about the numbers. The Paraiso ranch consists of 6,624 acres of natural fields, 1740 acres of sowed […]

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  • As I prepared to teach I was not prepared to be taught so much. Almost all of my preparation for traveling to Scotland, outside of packing, was preparing to teach to primary students. It didn’t occur to me that I would be learning so much myself. I did expect that I would learn something of […]

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  • We went to Scotland to teach Primary School students about Food Chains. The way they operate is pretty different from the way America’s Elementary Schools do. In fact, it reminded me more of what school was like in Japan because they focus more on building individuals rather than focusing so much on just education. They […]

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  • Today marks my 11th day in self isolation, and let me tell you how boring not leaving the house has been. Its a good thing I’ve had my coursework to keep me company! Contrary to my initial thoughts about my program cancellation, all of my classes at ETH have gone online and I can continue […]

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  • As I headed to the airport with my parents, I naturally had some travel jitters but was very excited for the trip that was ahead of me! Once we landed and made it through customs, we met our gracious host, Bruno. Bruno had taken the time to memorize all of our faces with our names before […]

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  • Friday was the first day of our trip. We boarded an over night flight in the late afternoon to London Heathrow Airport. The plane ride was very long and I did not sleep at all. When we landed, it was early Saturday morning in London. After we landed, it was time to experience the underground […]

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  • Day 5 in Uruguay! I honestly started falling in love with Uruguay by this time. This was also my favorite day of the trip. Our day started off at the INIA research station called Palo a Pique. There, we learned about their forage based beef production. Dr. Jose Ignacio discussed the research being done in […]

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