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Studying Chocolate Making

Being from a farming background, I was most excited about our cacao farm visits throughout the trip. On the first day, we visited a small cacao farmer, who made this beautiful arrangement for us out of cacao pods and cacao tree leaves. He showed us around his farm, and showed…
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Bring on the coffee- Costa Rica

Day of Departure: Anticipation. The last month of my life has been nothing but coffee talk. I’ve made my packing list, bought all the waterproof clothing and shoes I could find and made promises of Costa Rican coffee and souvenirs to just about everyone I know. Even though I’ve spent…
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Preparing for Costa Rica

Hi, my name is Rance Paxton.  I’m a graduate student in the college of agriculture.  I heard about this study abroad course from a classmate that took it last year. I’m most interested in learning about the coffee supply chain.  As of now, I’m only a consumer of coffee and…
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