The Lamm Lab is proud to be part of an interdisciplinary team striving to increase consumer awareness of the how upcycled food can reduce food waste, a major issue in the United States. The team, led by Dr. Peng Lu, received a 2023 Presidential Interdisciplinary Seed Grant to support preliminary research exploring consumer perceptions. Consisting of faculty from UGA, Drexell University, and the University of Pittsburgh, the researchers met at the UGA Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (Food PIC) on the UGA Griffin campus to learn more from one another. They spent the day developing an initial online consumer survey and discussing potential communication strategies to start reaching consumers. The goal is an ability to encourage science-based decision making when it comes to food purchases – specifically those related to upcycled food products. The day began with a tour of Food PIC with impressive chefs and research coordinators working diligently to bring new food products to market at this incredible facility.