Saher Dossani, undergraduate researcher in the Lamm Lab, holds her graduation cap.

Saher Dossani

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Saher J. Dossani earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion with an emphasis in Behavioral Medicine and a minor in Global Health in spring 2024.

Saher plans to attend Johns Hopkins University to pursue her Master of Science in Public Health, with a concentration in Health Policy . As a research assistant in the Lamm Lab, Saher has previously worked on data entry and analysis on the CDC-funded Healthier Together project to evaluate the effects of the project on 5 rural counties in Georgia and continued to work in the Lamm Lab until graduating from UGA to actively participate in undergraduate research and complete a manuscript on this project.

Research Interests

Saher’s research interests include finding sustainable methods to disease prevention as well as for health disparities across underdeveloped areas. She also has an interest in educating communities about crucial public health topics and furthered her research experience and skills through the Healthier Together project

Favorite Quote

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

Nelson Mandela

Saher’s Work

Saher’s Resume