A great big congratulations to Dr. Allison Byrd as she passed her dissertation defense March 18th. Allison shared her research findings in a room full of graduate students, faculty, family and colleagues (with another 18 on Zoom virtually attending). Allison’s research explored how we most effectively communicate science to prospective graduate students – with the intent of bringing the best and brightest to our land grant universities to study and solve the world’s greatest agricultural and environmental challenges. Her three article dissertation dove deep in to audience segmentation with a focus on differences based on cultural dimensions while capitalizing on what we know about how people use information sources to gratify specific needs. Her committee included Drs. Alexa Lamm, Jessica Holt, Kevan Lamm and Rochelle Sapp. Allison will graduate with her PhD from the University of Georgia in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication in May, 2024. Amazing work Allison! An unbeilevable achievement!