Day of Departure:

Anticipation. The last month of my life has been nothing but coffee talk. I’ve made my packing list, bought all the waterproof clothing and shoes I could find and made promises of Costa Rican coffee and souvenirs to just about everyone I know. Even though I’ve spent too much time trying to prepare for this trip, I feel the complete opposite. I still feel like I forgot to pack something critical and the fact that I know about three words of Spanish isn’t comforting either.

Excitement. I started the day at work. Just trying to calm the nerves by checking off a few last minutes things and trying not to think about my flight in just a few hours. I had planned my time to the minute and just when I’m packing up to leave, my boss asks to meet…I’m getting a promotion. What! A position I’ve been aiming for for a while and have finally reached. I leave work on a high.

Motivation. New job-cool. 10 days in Costa Rica-even cooler. This day can’t get any better. My job revolves around food which is a passion of mine and which includes coffee. For me to do my job best, I want to be as informed about a food product as possible. This trip couldn’t have come at a better time. The nerves have dissipated and I’m left with a feeling of urgency to learn as much as I can about coffee.