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Costa Rica Expectations and Surprises

Costa Rica is completely different than I could have imagined.  The country is filled with hills indistinguishable from mountains.  San Jose is vast and expansive with few high rises sprinkled around and a traffic congestion that might rival Atlanta’s.  The people are approachable, hardworking, and genuine.  In Costa Rica, there…
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Coffee; Preflection

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be boarding my first flight to Central America and I barely speak 3 phrases in Spanish.  I’ve got my travel sized life all packed away in 3oz containers that fit haphazardly into a clear zip lock.  As I spend my last few weeks in Athens…
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After the cup

This program, Coffee: From Bean to Cup! , taught me many things about coffee. I learned the coffee production process in Costa Rica. From the very first step of farming coffee plants to coffee harvesting, coffee processing, coffee roasting and coffee sensory evaluation, this program gave me interesting and practical…
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