As I am preparing to travel on my trip to Costa Rica there are many things running through my mind. Between finishing school work, packing, and the excitement about the week to come there is a lot to think about! It has definitely been a challenge to get ahead on my classes with two tests and two papers due right before departure. I’ve been making lists and being patient as I check off one box at a time. Then there is the packing. I’ve made at least three lists for that –what if something important is left behind? After double checking everything, a little help from Mom, and a very full suitcase I am now at ease and ready for the next challenge. For months I have been thinking about this trip to Costa Rica, the people I will have the opportunity to meet, the new landscape, and more. In preparing for the trip I have been thinking about how agriculture might be different in other parts of the world. Having been an intern in an agricultural environment for two summers now, I have a pretty good idea of Ag in the United States, but I am very excited to speak with landowners about the challenges they face and how they manage their unique resource concerns. While being away from home for Thanksgiving will be a first for me I am so grateful that I get this opportunity to study abroad before I graduate in December. It is a great way to finish my time here at UGA. Go Dawgs!