From someone who has never flown out of the country before, you would probably think I would be freaking out to get back on the plane, but it was the direct opposite. I was eager to come back to the United States to tell my friends all about my amazing experience in Costa Rica, as well as enjoy all of the incredible coffee and chocolates I purchased while visiting.

Once I returned to Athens, I went to McDonalds with my mom and sister, because I missed sweet tea and fried chicken. For those of you who don’t know, it is true that in Costa Rica you will eat rice and beans in one shape or form for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You might even get rice for dessert too, in rice pudding as an added bonus. I missed my normal routine, but I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica with the amazing schedule that Dr. Pegg structured for us.

Even though I only spent ten days with these awesome classmates in Costa Rica, I miss them a lot and I look forward to the post meeting to see them again. Everyone was so friendly, and we all became a happy family by the end of the trip. I miss the love and support of our teaching assistant, Daniel, and our professor, Dr. Pegg. Their leadership during our coffee tours and lab exercises inspired me to take thorough notes and write extensive reflective journals every day.

Now that I am back in my warm Creswell dorm room without rain every few minutes and birds chirping in the background, it is quite sad. I miss the mountains, coffee, and friends, but more than anything, I miss the coffee farmers we met during our coffee tours, primarily Alejandro and People. Their love and passion for coffee was inspiring and I look forward to sharing my coffee with my family over Christmas Break.