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Weekend Trip to Berlin

Well, when people told me it was easy to travel around Europe once you’re there, I had no idea how easy it actually would be! Just a couple of weeks into my exchange, a few of my friends said that they were thinking of taking a weekend trip to Berlin,…
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First Few Weeks in Zürich (and more!)

Wow, talk about ups and downs! I wanted to take some time to reflect upon the first few weeks of my exchange program in Zürich, Switzerland, because so much has happened already! After my first day of arrival and subsequent jet lag (yes, it is very real) I had dinner…
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Making Friends in Meknes

I spent this weekend traveling independently in Meknes. I read up on the city and most of the information I found discussed how it was tourist friendly and a great place for solo travelers! I found this information to be true! I woke up early Saturday morning to catch the…
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