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Allison R. Fortner

Doctoral Student


Allison Fortner is a doctoral student in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia (UGA). She is pursuing her Ph.D. in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication with a focus in science communication and a certificate in International Agriculture. Allison received her Master’s of Agricultural and Environmental Education (M.A.E.E.) from UGA in December 2021. Her thesis research explored the influence of university scientists’ perceived age, race, and gender on social media engagement on Instagram and Twitter. She received her bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communication (B.S.A.) from UGA in 2016. Previously, she worked as assistant marketing director at Super-Sod (2016-2019) and as an administrative associate at the University of Georgia (2019-2020) before pursuing her education full-time as a graduate research assistant in fall 2020.

Allison holds up a leaf of Saccharina latissima or sugar kelp amidst a dense population of wild seaweed in Plougeurneau, France. Allison joined in on this field work in which a PhD student studying red seaweed was collecting data

Research Interests

Allison’s research interests include relationship dimensions between science and the public, specifically related to culture and communication.

Current Projects

She is currently working with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ Associate Dean for Research to explore effective methods for communicating scientific research from a university to various public stakeholders.

Allison also completed an internship with the Safe Seaweed Coalition to assist with developing a communications model for sharing research about safely and sustainably scaling up the global seaweed industry.

Favorite Quote

“For what is more versatile? … coffee can energize the industrious at dawn, calm the reflective at noon, or raise the spirits of the beleaguered in the middle of the night.”

Amor Towles

Allison’s Recent Work

Sanders stands in front of poster displaying results from a community evaluation survey Sanders presents education and evaluation research at National AAAE 2022 May 20, 2022 - Sanders presents research from the Lamm Lab at the National Association for Agricultural Education Conference in Oklahoma City
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Fortner’s Seaweed Work Highlighted by UGA and Makes National News May 16, 2022 - Allison Fortner, a doctoral student in the Lamm Lab, just completed an eight-week  international internship in Paris and on France’s Brittany Coast, where she worked as a science communicator with the Safe Seaweed Coalition, a global partnership established in 2021 to support a safe and sustainable seaweed industry. The internship fulfilled...
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Three female graduate students stand in front of teal colored posters to present their research at a poster competition. Lamm Lab Debuts Systems Thinking Project at CleanTech Symposium April 25, 2022 - Katie Sanders, Kristin Gibson, and Allison Fortner presented their collective work on systems thinking as an educational tool during the CleanTech Symposium at the Delta Innovation Hub on UGA’s Campus. The three Lamm Lab members participated in the student poster competition that wrapped up the day-long event on Wednesday, April...
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Lamm Lab Presents International Extension and Education Research at AIAEE Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece April 18, 2022 - At the 2022 Association for International Agricultural and Extension Conference, members of the University of Georgia Lamm Lab presented their research on education and extension from an international perspective. With multiple oral abstract presentations one poster presentation, the team was excited to share the results of multiple research projects with...
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Young woman wearing mask stands beside research poster Fortner receives distinguished poster award at AIAEE 2022 April 12, 2022 - Allison Fortner, along with co-author Katie Sanders, presented a poster at the Association of International Agricultural and Extension Education’s 2022 conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, April 4-7. The poster titled, “Exploring the Influence of International Scholars on Social Media Engagement across Platforms,” explored the influence of the presence of international versus...
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The Safe Seaweed Coalition in Action: Updates on Science Communication Impacting Food Security from Paris March 11, 2022 - Allison Fortner, Lamm Lab doctoral student studying science communication, completed the first half of her in-country internship in France. Allison is a science communication intern with the Safe Seaweed Coalition, an international organization focused on environmental, occupational, and consumer safety in the quickly expanding global seaweed industry. Though Allison has...
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Lamm Lab Members Present Science Communication Research at NACS in New Orleans March 1, 2022 - Members of the Lamm Lab presented research papers and posters at the National Agricultural Communications Symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana, from February 13-15, 2022. Social Media and Science Communication Paper Presentations Two manuscripts from Allison Fortner‘s master’s thesis research, supported by the UGA Agricultural Experiment Station, were presented on Allison’s...
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Fortner’s Thesis Research Receives Recognition at National Agricultural Communications Symposium February 24, 2022 - Allison Fortner’s research (presented by Dr. Abigail Borron) was identified as one of the top research papers at the National Agricultural Communications Symposium held in New Orleans, LA in early February. Her work, supported by the UGA Agricultural Experiment Station was noted as innovative and impactful, providing a guide for...
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Allison Fortner Headed to France January 22, 2022 - Allison Fortner, doctoral student, is headed to France to complete an internship with the Safe Seaweed Coalition. She has been assisting them with their science communication efforts the past 6 months virtually and will now spend time in Paris with the Secretariat and then Roscoff, at one of the biological...
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Map of the world with red markers to indicate the number of coronavirus cases Did geography affect U.S. news access patterns during shelter in place? January 3, 2022 - Did U.S. audiences in different geographic areas access media sources differently during COVID-19 when under shelter in place orders? Our recent publication uses sense-making theory to explore the differences in news access based on four geographic regions.
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