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An Eating Adventure

World-renowned for its incredible food, France frequents the top spot for gourmet eats. Visions of sugar plus danced in me head, quite literally, and I could not wait to get my mitts on something French – anything would do! Our first day there, we went to a cook-it-yourself restaurant, guided…
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Language Barrier

One of my biggest fears before going abroad was the fact that I didn’t know how to speak French whatsoever. When I arrived in Toulouse, I realized that because it was more of a rural French town, people either spoke very little English, or none at all. This was difficult…
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Language Barriers

When you walking around a city you don’t know in the U.S. you may feel lost, but you can always manage around because the people speak English and you can ask for directions. However, when you’re in another country that does not use English as their primary language it can…
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