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La Selva Biological Reserve

  During our study abroad we traveled all over the northern part of Costa Rica, trying to explore all sorts of different ecosystems ranging from cloud forest to saltwater wetlands. Every place had unique species that had adapted to survive in the environment, but one of my favorite places was…
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Night Hikes in Costa Rica

Hiking was one of the most common activities during my study abroad trip. In order to find elusive birds and animals, it was often necessary to go for an hour hike, sometimes even getting off the trail for a while; however, for me the most interesting hikes weren’t through dense…
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Enjoying Food in Costa Rica

One of the things I was most excited to experience in my study abroad was the food. Costa Rica is famous for amazing fruits and homemade meals, and I couldn’t wait to try them. As soon as we left San Jose, I got to experience an amazing variety of foods…
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