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Cortona Pre-Trip Musings

Author’s Note: the main content of this post was composed before my departure. Perfectionism has delayed the submission of the post, but c’est la vie, or whatever the equivalent Italian phrase is.   “When do you leave?” he asks, quietly. “May eleventh.” I reply, equally as quietly. We sit in…
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It’s 12:15 am the day I leave for my study abroad and I just started packing, in my typical procrastinator fashion. Ironically, I’m very much the planner, I just continually put off carrying out those plans. I told myself that I would try to change that before studying abroad, but…
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During Trip: Wine

After I and the UGA students had arrived in Rome, we headed to Cortona where our campus is located. At the Kehoe center, I saw the beautiful Cortona view. The view was amazing, and I was speechless for seconds.  In addition, the whole city was like a medieval age city…
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