On May 7th I will be traveling from Atlanta to Cortona, Italy to begin studying Viticulture and Enology! This will be my second visit to Italy, as I have previously traveled with my family to Venice, Rome, and Florence. This experience is going to be entirely different though, as I will stay in Cortona for an entire month, and Cortona is a much smaller town. I cannot wait to start my stay in Cortona!

I am a food science major, and four other food science students will be traveling on the trip! Besides learning about wine and visiting vineyards, I look forward to eating Italian food, and traveling on weekends to experience other towns in Italy. By the end of the trip I am sure that I will be tired of pasta, pizza, and pesto, but for now I look forward to eating all of those yummy foods.

Although I have been to Italy before, there are still some things I will need to get used to when I arrive. I do not speak any Italian, so I hopefully will learn some while I am there! Also in Italy they do not use credit cards as much, so I will have to get used to carrying my Euros with me at all times. Additionally Cortona will not have any big retailers like Costco or Walmart, so I will have to make sure I have all the supplies I need before I depart!