There have been so many memories I have created here, its hard to say goodbye to this little part of Italy. However, one last adventure awaits us that makes our parting a little sweeter… Rome! Big city, many sites to see, but I know nothing will hold a place in my heart like Cortona. One of my favorite program activities since being here was the sensory labs. Here is where we put everything we have learned in class into action. From identifying flavors, to proper food pairings, and bottle opening this was my chance for some hands-on experience. This portion of the class also enabled me to do something I have always been to scared to do, try new things! The samples gave me the opportunity to develop a true understanding of the wide range of variations between each wine. Some admittedly I did not like at all, but others I developed a new appreciation for. Another one of my best moments here was our Final Banquet. Not only was the food AMAZING, but here I was able to participate in an old program tradition of signing Marco’s Double Magnum wine bottle (this thing was bigger than my head). Now me and my other classmates have officially made our mark and will forever be a part of the program’s history. Overall, I can honestly say this has been a wonderful experience and one like no other. I can not believe that its almost over! But looking back on memories like these I realize not a moment of my time here was wasted.


While these have been my favorites I have plenty of more moments to share! Check in very soon to see another one of my posts.


With much appreciation,

Jana Hamilton