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Scotland is Beautiful!

The scenery is gorgeous! I have never seen something so green before! We have been here a few days but have experienced so much in those few days. First of all, the meals here are bigger than back in the states. They seem to believe in three course meals everyday…
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The Students, Staff, and Programs at Troqueer Primary

The foundation of the Scotland study abroad program is service learning, and one of our projects is helping the students and staff of Troqueer Primary School utilize some new funding to promote sustainability and global citizenship through a school garden. Throughout the semester we have been told that we would be…
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Reporting from Athens, GA (From under nine days worth of laundry)

Settling back into a normal routine that doesn’t involve carbonated water and electrical adapters has been the routine of the last few days since we got home. The laundry is still piled up and needing to be folded, the homework is still there, and the urge to go back is…
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