Wow! This study abroad was the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. I have met the most amazing friends and have been changed for the better. The places we went to and saw were phenomenal! As Dr. Smalley says, “We are now seasoned travelers”. It was honestly the best trip because we were able to see all of these different gardens that people in the United States could only read about, and saw the most amazing views (especially Italy). You have not had pizza until you have had it in Italy! Dr. Smalley and van Iersel were the best tour guides because they’ve done this trip so many times to where they know what to expect and plan accordingly. I never knew how hard it is to corral 31 people through five different countries and so many different forms of transportation! I’ve never thought that through this trip, I would have traveled by plane, train, and ferry! I can’t wait to come back in the fall to tell about my numerous adventures and things that I’ve seen! I don’t think there can be a better organized trip than this. The way we started in Italy then all the way to Ireland, and seeing the most modern style of gardens. Truly the most amazing trip and would recommend this trip to everyone!!!

-Sarah Houtsma