To begin, I never fully understood how people can sit on a plane for 9-12 hours. Just the thought of sitting there for that long and getting up only to go to the bathroom makes me nervous. This was just the plane ride fears! I’ve never traveled abroad to Europe before, so I don’t really know what to expect. I’ve been to all of the orientations for my study abroad, so I know what they warn against and what to expect. But aside from the fears of just traveling a long distance, I am super excited to travel abroad because they always say to travel while in school because it is the best time. I’ve finished packing and somehow was able to put 21 days worth of clothes into one carry on suitcase. It definitely won’t be the most stylish outfits, but I learned in the orientation that we should be trying to blend in as much as possible in the countries we travel. Another thing that I am excited about and comforted is the idea that Dr. Smalley and Professor van Iersel are the trip organizers and leaders. I’ve known both through the Horticulture Club and classes they’ve taught and feel very confident in their ability to safely lead us through Europe. I’m so excited to see where the trip will lead, wish me safe travels!

-Sarah Houtsma