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It’s like America, but south (Uruguay)

The last few days in Uruguay have been both enlightening and fun. Every farm we have been to has been so interesting. They are much like ours and yet different. The dairy systems are based mostly on pastures and they are less intensive than our systems at home. This is…
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Agricultural Economics in Uruguay

Today we visited the Julia Ortiz Farm. What an incredible experience it was seeing this well-diversified agriculture operation up close and personal. The Ortiz family obviously made the serious effort to ensure we had a great time while learning about their operation. Without a doubt, the Ortiz family was successful…
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Home from Uruguay and ready to go back!

We made the most of each day while in Uruguay. We saw many sun rises and almost every sunset, and each time I questioned whether I had seen anything more beautiful. Each day was an adventure to its own, ranging from walking through pastures, listening to a local a farmer,…
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