I find myself saying “When I was in Uruguay..” a lot lately and I have determined that I will use any excuse to tell a story from my week in Uruguay. I didn’t realize how often I told these stories until my friends asked me, “Not another Uruguay story…” and more often than not I ignore them and continue with my story. I loving telling people about Uruguay and the amazing week that I spent there because I hope to encourage more people to go! This trip is the highlight of my college career so far and I can’t think of anything that might top it. Although I apparently talk about Uruguay all the time, there is no way I could thank all the people it took to make this trip possible for me! But that doesn’t mean I can’t try…so thank you from the bottom of my heart to Bruno, Amanda, Dr. Segers, Dr, Smith and CAES for all the stories from Uruguay that I can keep bugging my friends with for the foreseeable future! 12829412_1661980824070645_8829450379357734237_o