As we all stood in the airport, checking ourselves and our luggage in to leave Uruguay, we all knew and dreaded what was about to happen. The moment we had to say goodbye to Bruno. There are few words that accurately describe a man that so selflessly worked for a year to plan this trip and then spent the entire week with us, showing us around his home-country, all while cracking jokes and with a smile on his face. In that short week, I truly came to care for Bruno and was going to miss him when we left. So as I was standing there in the airport, wishing I could stay longer, I made a promise to myself. When I hugged Bruno goodbye, I told him “I will come back someday. I promise.”. This study abroad experience has changed me for the rest of my life. It has altered my perceptions and humbled me to other cultures and countries. It has made me realize just how important it is to travel abroad and make connections. So much so, that I fully intend to go back someday and be a part of agriculture in Uruguay. This trip has been invaluable and the fact that I got to go with some amazing people just made it better. I will be back someday, Uruguay. That I promise.