As an animal and agriculture enthusiast, this trip was heaven. Touring dairies, beef and sheep farms, meat packing plants, rice mills and plantations was absolutely amazing. Besides all of this though, I learned so much about the history and culture of Uruguay and little quirks that every society has. One of the things I love about Uruguayan culture is how meals are treated. Everyone treated us like family the entire time, but I felt it especially as meals where we were welcomed into stranger’s homes and offered food and drink while we talked for hours. I felt so at home, even 5,000 miles away from my actual home and was humbled by the generosity of these people. My favorite experience however was visiting dairies where I got to talk with the owners and ask them questions. Working on a dairy myself, it was amazing to see both how differently and similarly particular things were done at the dairy and I loved getting to talk with the owners and just pick their brains. It made me especially happy when one of the farmers talked about how he falls in love with certain cows and keeps them around. My next favorite experience was being able to ride horses across a beef and cattle farm with everyone. This let me step into the shoes of what these farmers do every day, and it was just an amazing experience. Through these experiences, I discovered a love for a place that a month ago, I knew absolutely nothing about. I think that is what study abroad opportunities are all about.