I’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland for a whole month now, and honestly it’s just as surreal as when I first arrived. Before this experience, I had never traveled outside of the US, and for this to be my first time overseas– living in the heart of downtown in the prettiest city I’ve ever seen for five months– is something I know I will always remember. Just reflecting back on my first month, I have already made memories to last a lifetime. I enrolled in a pre-semester German course, and now can have a bit of a conversation in a language I never thought I’d learn (it also helps that almost everyone I’ve encountered here speaks English). I’ve connected with Swiss locals, and with people from all around the world living in Zurich for school, making friendships and connections I know I will keep up even after my time here. I went ice skating at one of the largest out-door rinks in Europe! Lectures at ETH have challenged me to think deeper about the world’s climate crisis, tools to foster sustainability, and theories behind management and policy decisions. I’ve also been on the most incredible hikes I’ve ever done in my life– pictures is me atop the Pfannerstiel Panoramaweg, just 30 minutes outside of the Zurich city center.

I remember writing essays for program acceptance and scholarships about how studying abroad is something I never thought I’d be able to do during undergraduate. Even now, it’s hard to believe I’m six time zones away, studying at a world-renowned university, all the while exploring both in the city and abroad. Having the opportunity to be a part of this exchange program is life-changing. Even in my short time here I have a better understanding of my career interests and what my future holds, which I’ll talk about in a future post. I’m not even a quarter of the way through my time here and it’s already had a lasting impact on my life.The scholarships I was gifted have made all of this possible. I’m living my best life, and there’s so much more to come!