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Scientists Create a Healthier Peanut

If you’ve been puzzling over ways to get more oleic acid into your body, the USDA has just come through. In a joint venture with Oklahoma State University, the agency has released a brand-new peanut that’s said to boast a richer flavor, health benefits, and resistance to crop disease,Modern Farmer reports. Click here for more details.

Don’t we want to grow more peanuts?

Peanut farmers and those who follow the peanut industry know the U.S. has produced a lot of peanuts in recent years. Peanut stocks remain high in the supply pipeline, surpassing demand, and, for now, suppressing farmer prices. But don’t we want to produce a lot of peanuts? Click here for more details.

Georgia’s peanut farmers challenged by white mold

White mold disease has always been a problem for Georgia peanut farmers, according to University of Georgia plant pathologist Tim Brenneman. The disease has been even more of a nuisance due to the hot and humid weather conditions this growing season. Click here for more details.

Critically import now to scout peanuts for insects

University of Georgia Extension Entomologist Mark Abney characterizes 2014 as a “very buggy year” in Georgia with a great deal of insect pressure and he says last year can provide a number of lessons on peanut insect management this year. Click here for more details.

Peanut allergy drug slated for 2018

A small French biopharmaceutical company has developed a new product — similar to a nicotine patch — to help allergy sufferers significantly increase their peanut tolerance. Click here for more details.