Welcome to the Lamm Lab

The Lamm Lab specializes in conducting research and teaching about how educational initiatives and targeted communication techniques can impact how people make decisions about agricultural and environmental science. The team examines how individuals, groups and communities think about critical global issues such as water quality and quantity, climate change, food security, food safety and more. They also study and teach about how we, as a global society, build consensus to inform policy that addresses these issues, how culture and identity influence this process, and how targeted communication efforts can assist in the creation of solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Members of the Alexa J. Lamm Lab
Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication, University of Georgia
(left to right): Olivia Erskine, Kristin Gibson, Emily Dustman, Alexa Lamm, Millicent Oyugi, Rose Tran, Saher Dossani, and Allison Byrd.
(Not pictured: Tatevik Markosyan)

Sharing Our Research

The lab’s research activities have resulted in over 200 peer-reviewed publications and they have presented their findings at professional meetings around the world.

Meetings we will be attending and presenting research at include:

  • IASNR – International Association for Society and Natural Resources
  • AIAEE – Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education 
  • ACE – Association for Communication Excellence
  • NACS – National Agricultural Communications Symposium
  • ASHS – American Society for Horticultural Sciences
  • ISHS – International Society for Horticultural Sciences
  • APHA – American Public Health Association
  • AAAE – American Association for Agricultural Education
  • SRSA – Southern Rural Sociological Association