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Always a Student, Always a Teacher

For most people, the phrase ‘educator’ or ‘teacher’ can seem quite daunting. When we think of topics like ‘school’ and ‘learning’, we tend to think of the traditional student and teacher in a classroom, with the teacher often being someone we see as ‘educated’ or holding some form of advanced…
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Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate!

I obviously can’t go on a study abroad about chocolate and not talk about chocolate! The purpose of our trip was to learn about the science, history and culture of chocolate. We visited multiple different types of cacao farms, chocolate production factories, we lectured on every part of the process…
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Eye on the Skye

One of the reasons I applied for a coveted spot on the Youth Engagement in Agriculture study abroad trip to Scotland was the itinerary, knowing that we had two weeks to explore the United Kingdom. This itinerary included a few days traversing some of the most famous picturesque landscapes in…
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