Ever since I was a little kid I have been a particularly picky-eater. I am a big supporter of not trying to fix something that’s not broken, so if I know I like it I get it! I understand when people say, “its adventurous to try new things.” Nevertheless, I don’t usually like something. I either love it or I hate it, so as I’ve grown up trying new foods has always been rare. I grew up in central California and have been blessed with eating some of the best cattle, Mexican food, and produce in the world. When moving to Georgia, I was excited to try some of the “southern cuisine”, but I found very quickly that it just was not my cup of tea. Naturally, when preparing for the trip I was a little scared about trying the food. I was quickly comforted by the trips lead professor, Dr. Stelzlini, when he described the Uruguayan diet as very red meat heavy with lots of potatoes, rice, small salads, etc. These are some of my favorite foods and the more Dr. Stelzlini spoke about them, the more excited and comfortable I was. After flying into Montevideo and heading straight to lunch, I was not disappointed! My first meal to my last was almost always a 10/10. What really stole my heart were the desserts at the end of every meal/ night. The mixture of Italian, German, and Spanish influences on the Uruguayan food just brought upon the best desserts I had ever had. My favorite was dulce de leche granizado (dulce de leche with chocolate chips), which was the perfect balance of caramel and chocolate. From someone who is scared to try new food, PLEASE give that ice cream a chance. I miss it everyday and wish it was a common flavor in the United States!