I am not much of a wine person, but I can tell you that Mrs. Paula has some very good-tasting wine. The day at the vineyard was incredible along with her wines. We tried three different kinds, a white wine called viognier, and two reds Reserva Cabernet Franc and Reserva Tannat Viognier. I was partial to the viognier because it was smoother than the Reds. I never knew wine took so much planning and preparation. I thought you just squeezed the grapes and let them sit in barrels for around 20 years. I now know that is a naive and simplistic way of explaining the winemaking process. You have to choose the strain of grapes you are going to use plant based on, direct sunlight, how rocky the terrain is, and even how acidic the soil is. Then you have to trim them so that the plant can focus on fruit instead of new vine growth.  Even after you have done all of the preparation there may be parakeets or doves that come eat the grapes or leave gashes where fungus can grow.  The time that both Mrs. Paula and her husband have put into the vineyard is inspiring, they went out on a limb, or should I saw a vine, and it stuck. They took a chance on growing a vineyard in a place no one had ever tried before, and it worked. There is a place at the top of the vineyard that had too many rocks to plant any grapes so it’s almost like a lookout over the land. I could have sat there for hours.  The views off the top of the vineyard alone are beautiful and unforgettable. Even if you don’t like wine or don’t like their wine, the experience that Mrs. Paula gives you is incomparable.