I have had the privilege in growing up surrounded by military veterans ranging from World War Two to the War or Terrorism. I have always been inspired by those individuals, and I have learned to value and embody the morals that they fought for. Naturally, I drifted towards a military career, and now I will be commissioning into the United States Army in May. Between those that originally inspired me and my military science classes, discussion and analysis on different governments have been a large topic of discussion. I value learning about how other countries operate and trying to understand the pros and cons of how the chose to govern. Uruguay, by far, has been one of the most interesting places I have visited from a government stand-point. Originally inspired by Colonial America’s war for independence, Jose Artigas is credited as the forefather of Uruguay as he fought for the independence of the River Plate that is modern-day Uruguay. After winning Uruguay’s war for independence, a government was established that sought to govern in a democratic republic but truly in the citizens eyesight. I was bewildered when we visited the Uruguayan Legislative Palace, the Uruguayan Presidential Building, and the Uruguayan Presidential Building that all were completely open to the public. If you have ever been to Washington D.C., you know that it is impossible to get within 100 meters of the White House or the Capital Building. It could not had been more different in Uruguay. The Uruguayan President is even commonly seen in restaurants or on the streets with no security taking photos with his people. It was a really refreshing point of view and you could truly see and feel that the country of Uruguay is a true land by the people, for the people.