From the various study abroad programs UGA offers, it can become overwhelming to decide which one to choose, what year to do it, and how to secure your position in it. These are exactly the questions I was asking once I learned about the plentiful opportunities the Office of Global Engagement offered to get course credit in a different country. I was so excited because who wouldn’t want to travel during undergrad and use your tuition towards traveling? Although my journey to study abroad was unique in its own way given the pandemic, I was able to still find my way. My guidance to find what best worked for me came during my advising appointment with my outstanding advisor, Whitney Jones. While we were reviewing my schedule for my last year at UGA, we realized I would have to take nineteen credit hours for the Fall semester and over seventeen credit hours for the Spring semester. I took the nineteen hours for Fall, but I could not do the same for the Spring. Once I learned this, I started thinking, if I can knock out six credit hours with study abroad with a Spring Break and Maymester program, then I would not have to sit in two extra classes throughout the duration of the semester, and I can keep my sanity while saving time. Although this came with the con of extra expenses, it has been worth every penny to better focus on my school work and enjoy my last semester a bit more than I would have with a heavy course schedule. Whitney and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences were very helpful and supportive in deciding upon my study-abroad trip to Greece, specifically, through the advice they gave on which programs would best fulfill the last areas of my DegreeWorks. Truly without their oversight, I would not have this fortunate opportunity. CAES has also been an amazing resource by providing funds to alleviate part of the financial stress that comes with studying abroad. Therefore, based on my experience and how it all worked out for me, even before I knew it would when I asked all the questions about pursuing study abroad or not, I know it will work out for you too. Research which programs help you get course credit that may be difficult to get when you’re in Athens or which ones could count for multiple areas in your DegreeWorks. If you do not know where to start reach out to your advisor that looks at your course schedule and knows all the programs that are the best to choose from. And do not let the expenses hinder you from pursuing your dream program. UGA, OGE, and your college offer various scholarships that can help you pay for study abroad. I hope my insight on pursuing study abroad programs will help you in your decision-making and journey.