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Zipping through the Clouds!

My favorite activity during our study abroad — besides tasting all the wonderful chocolate — would have to be zip-lining over the trees in the rainforest. We were in Abangares, Costa Rica, and the mountain views paired with my adrenaline rush was simply amazing. It was very cloudy that day,…
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Choco-Rica, here I come!

I remember coming to the University of Georgia as a freshman, and immediately being excited about all of the study abroad opportunities the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences had to offer. Somehow, I made excuse after excuse to not commit to any of the programs my first three years…
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You’re correct in assuming my family reacted the same way they did when I told them I was moving to Athens, and when I said I was visiting Costa Rica for a week. My parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, are all slightly anxious and concerned because this is not the…
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