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I’m in China…what’s next!

I have been in China for five weeks and I would say that it has been an experience. Usually when people travel to a different country they experience what you would call a culture shock…in my opinion I have not experienced that. Yes, there are many things here that are different…
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Unexpected Crash Course in Turtle Husbandry

This year’s nesting season in St. Kitts  is the slowest it has ever been in 11 years, which means I haven’t seen many nesting Leatherbacks. So, I finally got the opportunity to flipper tag my first sea turtle last week. It was much easier than I imagined- two reps of…
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Sea Turtles In St. Kitts

I never imagined I would be so dependent on a 60-gallon trash bag. I also never imagined I would spend my summer working with nesting Leatherback sea turtles in a foreign country in the Caribbean. I have spent 19 glorious days in St. Kitts and, during most of those days,…
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