I have arrived in Romania again to complete the internship portion of my international agriculture certificate. I am interning with Open Fields, the organization we worked with when we were here last summer. I am very excited about this internship because I love what this organization does. Open Fields uses sustainable Agriculture to revitalize impoverished villages and communities.  They were previously affiliated with Heifer International. I will be living and working in Cluj-Napoca for the next eight weeks!

I have spent much of the last semester preparing for this trip. However, nothing can prepare you for how it feels to say goodbye to your loved ones at the airport, knowing you are about to travel from Turkey to Romania on your own and then live there on your own for about two months! I didn’t give much thought to how that would feel when I was filling out all the paperwork and buying “work appropriate” pants. However, I made it here just fine and while at the moment I am struggling to not feel lonely or fearful, but be excited and brave instead, I am sure that in the next eight weeks I will meet many incredible people and truly push myself to grow through this experience.

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