My trip continued to the lovely country of France. This part of my trip was the very best part! At this point, I was comfortable enough with my friends and exploring unfamiliar places that I did not feel nervous. Our first day in France, we traveled to the outskirts to visit Versailles and Giverny. Versailles was absolutely gorgeous, and definitely made me want to buy my own castle! It had such beautiful architecture and art, and it gave me a great appreciation for France’s past rulers. Giverny was also so magical because we got to visit Monet’s Garden. It was a surreal experience getting to see the live scene of Monet’s famous paintings that I have known since elementary school. It had such an array of colors and plant species, so there was always something to look at. It was interesting to compare the two gardens of Versailles and Giverny, because the one in Versailles was very formal and organized, while Monet’s was more chaotic and informal. Our second day in Paris was a free day, so my friends and I booked a Tuk-tuk ride. Our driver, Julien, became a main character in our story for his funny jokes and incredible knowledge of the historic city. He took us to see some iconic sites, get infamous hot chocolate and croissants, and even visit the scene of one of my favorite shows, Emily in Paris! It was an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to explore Paris.

While all my time in Pairs was amazing, the highlight of the city was sitting on the lawn of the Eiffel Tower every night. The tower sparkles at exactly 10 P.M. for 5 minutes. It was my favorite way to end each day. I was able to take some amazing pictures, and it was truly the most spectacular site to see. I had been dreaming of that moment since I was a little girl, so getting to see it five nights in a row was a dream come true.