Soon to come is my study abroad trip to Greece: The case of the Greek financial crisis. During these last two weeks of preparation for the trip, I am afraid I will overlook important details and factors that will leave me stressed while abroad. Earlier in the semester, I participated in a different study abroad trip during Spring Break. Amid the midterm season, my head was all over the place. I did not plan ahead of time for certain things such as ordering a new debit card because I misplaced and could not find my previous one. This in turn led me to be scarce for cash when Apple Pay was not offered. I learned my lesson from then on. Now to prevent overlooking important factors such as this that will impact my study abroad experience, I will make time to review the recommendations the professor has and ask as many questions as possible to account for every doubt. Moreover, I am also nervous about the group I will be traveling with. The program is with the College of Family and Consumer Science and since it is not my college, I do not know anyone in the program. To start making friends I have reached out in the GroupMe chat for flight coordination, and I was able to meet someone through this. Additionally, I am going to reach out to my roommate who I will be with throughout the program to grab a coffee and get to know each other better before the trip. Although I am not sure what other approaches, I should take to meet more people on the trip, I will reach out to the group once more to potentially set a hangout for us to become familiar with each other beforehand. Although the weeks leading up to the program are the most stressful, I know I will take the right measures to prepare for it by best utilizing all the resources the Office of Global Engagement provides, as well as reaching out to my professor for important points to be mindful of. Although I am anxious, I also am so excited to experience and learn more about Greek culture!