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Don’t We Want To Grow More Peanut

Peanut farmers and those who follow the peanut industry know the U.S. has produced a lot of peanuts in recent years. Peanut stocks remain high in the supply pipeline, surpassing demand, and, for now, suppressing farmer prices. But don’t we want to produce a lot of peanuts? Click here for more details.

Reasons For Optimism

Warehouses are full. Prices are low, and prices of other commodities are even lower. Inputs are not lower, except maybe fuel, and now the European Union is dictating what products can be used on peanut, that is if you could possibly be sending your product overseas to one of their ports. With all of this, is there any reason to be optimistic? Of course there is. Click herefor more details.

High-fibre diet may protect against peanut allergy

Bran lovers rejoice. Fibre-rich diets have been shown to protect against peanut allergy in mice, by increasing gut bacteria that bolster the immune system. If the same holds true for humans, our diets could prevent or even reverse allergies to peanuts. Click here for more details.

New Propiconazole Restrictions for 2016 Peanut Production

Peanut growers take note, there are new import restrictions on propiconazole residues in peanuts going to the European Union (EU).  Propiconazole is an active ingredient in the common peanut fungicides Tilt, Tilt/Bravo, Artisan, Stratego, PropiMax, and Bumper. Click here for more details.