• A very exciting cultural experience I got to enjoy was the snowman burning in Zurich. This festival is called Sechselauten. In this festival, there is a lot of excitement in the city, food stands, parades, and most significantly a giant snowman. This event was a public holiday in Switzerland, so class was canceled and a […]

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  • The Matterhorn is a very well known landmark associated with Switzerland and for good reason. While my entire exchange was filled with beautiful places and memorable experiences, Zermatt was easily my favorite memory and favorite place. Before being able to hike, I had to take a train from Zurich to Zermatt. While on the train, […]

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  • I’ve been in Zurich, Switzerland for a whole month now, and honestly it’s just as surreal as when I first arrived. Before this experience, I had never traveled outside of the US, and for this to be my first time overseas– living in the heart of downtown in the prettiest city I’ve ever seen for […]

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