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The night before the trip

I have never been more than a few hundred miles from home. Toulouse is about 4500 miles from home, so I’m probably in for a big culture shock. Right now, I’m a little anxious about the trip because I’ve been on a plane 4 times in my life, never over…
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Leaving for France

Hi my name is Elisabeth L. and I am ecstatic to be leaving for Toulouse, France today! I will be in France for 3 weeks on the French and European Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Study Abroad Program. I have been to Holland, Belgium, and Germany before but this will be…
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Getting Ready – George G.

I have already been on a couple of trips abroad, but never for an extended stay in a county where I don’t know a single word of the language.  My biggest concerns are two fold; packing for the weather and communication while in France. I don’t know how in the world…
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16,000 miles in 10 days!

CAES China Global Food and Trade Program

My name is Carolina and I have the pleasure of working as the Study Abroad Coordinator for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. I have an AWESOME and FULFILLING job. I get to work with students and send them on academic adventures all around the world! In the six…
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Pre-Departure to Sydney!

Hello! My name is Molly P. and I chose to spend a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia. Sydney was actually not the first place that I wanted to study abroad. I am very interested in exotic animal medicine and really wanted to spend a semester in the heart Africa reenacting…
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Getting Ready To Leave

Four days before my departure and the feeling of being away from family and friends for 14 weeks is starting to sink in. The stress from finals and pre-departure arrangements put this thought in the back of my mind. Now that finals are over I’ve been able to think about…
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