As my European travels and study abroad program came to an end, I became more and more excited to get back to the states to see my family and friends. Upon arrival, I was just happy to be back to all things familiar. It was nice to be able to read signs and menus again, as well as speak to everyone without any sort of language barrier. However, with that said, it didn’t take but a couple days before I started wishing I was back in Europe.

I met some amazing people with awesome stories from all over the world. Living in Toulouse was such a learning experience in itself, and a great opportunity for me to grow as a person while gaining a different perspective on life. I miss the food, the culture, the sights, the history, the people, and everyone not being glued to their cell phone all the time. In addition to our 3 weeks in Toulouse, I spent some time in London and Munich. Both are very fascinating cities loaded with history and so many things to offer.  Everyday, looking back and reflecting on my eurotrip only makes me wish I was back over there more.

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