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Coffee; Preflection

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be boarding my first flight to Central America and I barely speak 3 phrases in Spanish.  I’ve got my travel sized life all packed away in 3oz containers that fit haphazardly into a clear zip lock.  As I spend my last few weeks in Athens…
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Two months In

coffee plants

I’m two months in to my six month internship in sustainable agriculture here at UGA en Costa Rica. Things are starting to come along, so I figured I’d make a second blog post. I studied Horticulture and grew up in the suburbs, so pigs and cows are a new experience!…
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Post France

This trip has been AMAZING and life changing. By spending almost a month in Europe it made me realize that I want my first job to require a lot of travel. The classes were very interesting. Even if they were very long, I succeeded learning French agriculture and culture.  The…
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