With the Viticulture and Enology group, we had the chance to visit Barone Ricasoli’s estate and The Fanti estate. The Ricasoli estate was in the Chianti Classico region of Italy while Fanti was in the Montalcino region. At Ricasoli we listened to their agronomist discuss their different soil types and how it affects the wine. He also talked to us about some of their different management practices. He walked us through their facilities and we got to see the large containers where the juice goes through fermentation. It was amazing how clean their facilities were. He explained the conditions during the wine making process. He then walked us to one of the vineyards and explained some of the pests they have to consider. He told us that they often have problems with wild boars getting in their vineyards, which I thought was interesting because we have the same problems in peanut fields in South Georgia. At Fanti, we had a similar experience but it was still different too.  One of the managers showed us through their facilities. She showed us where their wine ferments and then showed us the machine that bottles all of their wine. We then followed her to another room full of different sized barrels where she explained the aging process. After this was a room full of bottled wines. Once the tour was over, they served us lunch which was very great along with a few of their wines including brunello which is a very famous Italian wine. It was very enjoyable to get out of the classroom and tour these wineries. It gave us a chance to actually see the things that we were learning about. Fanti was near the end of the trip which was nice because we were able to understand most of what the manager explained. Going to these places was one of the main highlights of the trip in my opinion.