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Coffee Coffee Coffee

Hey Guys, I recently went on the Coffee: From Bean to Cup study abroad in Costa Rica. On the trip, we visited several coffee farmers and learned about coffee production. This blog post is going to be about my favorite farmer of the entire trip, Oldemar. In most cases, coffee…
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‘during-time’ and ‘post-time’

Since the Wifi was flaky during the trip, I’ll cover both ‘during-trip’ and ‘post-trip’ in one blog. During-trip Before the trip, I was both nervous and excited about checking out the Rainforest. My perception or thoughts about the rainforest included: poisonous bugs, poisonous snakes, poisonous plants and super dark. How…
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Costa Rica During Trip Reflections

While staying on the UGA campus in Costa Rica, we stayed in dorm-like rooms with roommates.  The rooms were very nice, however, you needed a flashlight to travel around campus at night because they had limited outside lighting and it got very dark in the mountains where we were.  Campus…
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