So on the first Thursday of the trip, I experienced the beautiful world of Romania with no cell phone. I had unfortunately dropped it in the toilet in the Open Fields office. It totally submerged, and I had it off all day. I was devastated, knowing I may not could use it the rest of the trip. I had to take a walk to calm down and get my thoughts together. I had a pep talk with myself, saying if that’s the worst thing that happens to anyone on the whole trip then I will be fine. But as I reflect on that day… It seems pretty pitiful. I had to have a pep talk with myself? To say everything will be okay because I couldn’t use my phone? What has the world come to where I was so worried about not being able to use my phone that I had to gather myself? Fortunately, I learned that I was actually okay without my phone. Sure I would have loved to listen to music on the bus ride or take pictures of the awesome salt mine, but I ended up being fine….. Shocking, I know. I couldn’t imagine people who are glued to their phone 24/7 being without it in another country. Then I started to wonder… Why do I care so much about my phone? What is SO important on it that I can’t live without? I can’t think of anything that could be that important, other than contacting my family. All the social media and emails and pictures… They’re unimportant. What I realized is what truly matters: experiencing the trip of a lifetime.