When I declared Agricultural Communication as my major, I pretty much gave up the idea of studying abroad. I didn’t see how I could fit into my plan of study or make it relevant to what I wanted to do. However, I could not have been more wrong! The opportunity to go to Romania came up and has been an exciting adventure that I have looked forward to most of this past school year. I have posed dozens of questions to anyone I know who has ever travelled abroad. I’ve read books on the best shoes for walking a lot, researched Romania’s economy, and studied Heifer International’s programs. I might have felt a flicker of fear here and there but I pushed it aside and focused on the thrill this trip presented.

Then I came home for the summer and was a bridesmaid for a friend, who also happens to be my cousin. I spent the whole weekend before my departure celebrating with my family. I finally had time to focus on packing as the festivities of the weekend came to a close. That’s when I realized all of a sudden just how terrified I was. I’ve never left the country or even flown more than once. I have a big crazy who family who makes life in a small town an adventure in and of itself. Why on earth did I feel the need to leave and go somewhere so unknown? There’s no way I would survive a 15 hour flight! All the fear and doubt that I had been pushing aside finally caught up with me.

Now my suitcase is (basically) packed and I’ve decided to focus on what a great opportunity this is. I get to go help people by doing what I love, communicating about agriculture. That is such an incredible thing. I am grateful for this trip and I know it will change me in a positive way. I also know my big crazy family will be right here in my small town upon my return as well. I am excited to see how this adventure unfolds!