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Multitudes of Old Havana

There are many stories found in Old Havana. It’s a very sacred place for Cuban architecture and takes on the importance of reserving Cuban history. There were lots of fun moments held here: from eating delicious mango ice cream and chocolates with friends, listening to local bands at restaurants, to…
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Where can you find the local family doctor and the sustainable artist?

If you clicked on this blog post to find the answer to that question, look no further than Las Terrazas which is located near Pinar del Río. Las Terrazas is a small community that focuses on sustainability and the public health of community members in that town. Visitors to this…
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Experiencing the Culture

Aside from everything we learned regarding agriculture, economics, politics, food security, and healthcare, I was able to experience so many unique aspects of Cuban culture. Cubans evidently have a very strong passion for music, dance, art, and food- which also appeared to be their primary forms of entertainment. We spent…
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