Cuba has a planned-socialist economy and its main source of revenue at the moment is tourism and the export of healthcare services, which it does by sending physicians, nurses, and healthcare technicians to nations like Venezuela and Brazil. Gone are the days of sugar and tobacco being the main income source. Rather, the nation now relies on touristic aspects and the intellectual ability of its people. With regards to tourism, we got to experience first-hand how Cuba has made the best of its history by showcasing it to foreigners. Certain buildings like hotels, such as the Hotel Nationale have been great touristic points. With available tours and paid access, these areas showcase the rich historic aspects of Cuba, including important personnel to visit, displays of memorable days or occurrences, and physical remains of important Cuban history. Other aspects of tourism also include tours of museums that relate to aspects of war or individual recognition such as the Fidel Castro Museum. Moreover, with the innovation brought about by its healthcare system, there is a high potential for economic growth. However, this is restricted by the embargo being that Cuban scientists are able to patent drugs and cures for diseases but are unable to sell them to the world and make a profit, resulting in little gain from this sector, pushing people into other areas to make a living. Cuba boasts a highly educated and inexpensive workforce, as well as signs of significant business potential. The people of Cuba will profit enormously from the removal of investment restrictions and the creation of appropriate incentives. In 1902, Cuba became the first country in Latin America and the Caribbean to establish a Ministry of Health. They produce vaccines in-house and have cured and eradicated many diseases like polio and diphtheria. Cuba was the first country to find a way to prevent the transmission of HIV and syphilis from mother to child. Healthcare is considered a fundamental right and the country provides free universal and accessible healthcare for all citizens.