There are many stories found in Old Havana. It’s a very sacred place for Cuban architecture and takes on the importance of reserving Cuban history. There were lots of fun moments held here: from eating delicious mango ice cream and chocolates with friends, listening to local bands at restaurants, to observing the lively nightlife the city had to offer. I grew closer to many people coming here as we engaged in group activities, went souvenir shopping, and went on bike rides throughout the city. This particular area is definitely a “work hard, play hard” atmosphere. I would see little kids target tourists and ask for money in exchange for origami flowers they created. Additionally, vendors in shops along the street would promote their businesses by advertising “Great prices,” “air conditioning,” or “Free wifi!” It amazed me how much the vendors wanted you to simply stop by their stores to consider buying their products. I bought a shirt from a souvenir shop at one of the places here, and on the way out the lady said “Here’s a free keychain for you!” The community in Cuba seems to be appreciative of the little things which I thought was very cool.